This Is How To Start In Quality Engineering (Methods)

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6 min readApr 7, 2022
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Where to start?

That’s a hard question to answer in a digital environment with accelerated competition and a low predictability. There are so many possibilities between UX, Agile, Lean, DevOps or SRE practices that we can end up paralysed.

One thing we know is that Quality at Speed software is necessary for survival, requiring to:

  • Discover valuable user experience with minimal effort & commitment;
  • Implement fast minimal software that can scale later with minimal rework;
  • Set foundations we can capitalize on to accelerate our iteration cycles.

Quality Engineering helps us select the most valuable practices by constraining the entire software lifecycle to continuous value delivery. Its implementation relies on the five domains of MAMOS: Methods, Architecture, Management & culture, Organization, Skills.

This article focuses on the methods required to start with Quality at Speed software. It is much different from my previous article on Quality Engineering Methods where I mention more methodologies, and with a step should not have mixed with change management.

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OKR, DoD, DoR: Give a clear direction and align expectations

First things first, Quality at Speed software requires to have clear objectives and milestones to focus the team on what matters. Their effectiveness then depends on the clarity of roles on a commonly agreed list of tasks that constitute valuable software.

OKRs (Objectives Key Results) clarify what matters. It is a methodology from Agile referential requiring to define concrete results that together realize an objective. OKRs have to be inspiring to all team members, time-boxed, ambitious yet realistic to achieve.

Figure 1: The way to align the work with OKR and tasks, Sensible Agility.

The DoD (Definition of Done) and DoR (Definition of Ready) make software deliverables crystal clear for the different actors. They require defining a…



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