Quality Engineering is about surviving the digital transformation.

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7 min readMar 29, 2022
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Top players set the stage.

In a context of market acceleration powered by technology, there are only more top players challenging the existing ones.

“Software defines the speed at which business can deliver change and innovation”

— Drew Lanham, CEO at Cypress.io

Organizations are facing numerous challenges to deliver impactful and sustainable transformations:

  • Continuously deliver value to remain competitive in a challenging ecosystem;
  • Make choices of investment and priorities in a world with low predictability;
  • Deliver a successful experience to “users” we don’t directly know or interact with;
  • Deliver rapid increments that are hard to express and adapt them based on experimentation;
  • Streamline end-to-end processes that are becoming more complex and interdependent.

These factors of accelerated changes with disruptive innovations in a globalized context is digitalization.

In this context where best practices are easily replicated, competitive advantages through operational excellence are at best, temporary. Thus, lasting competitive advantages reside in the unique way an organization delivers Quality at Speed on a hard to imitate set of activities: Quality Engineering.

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Continuously deliver value to remain competitive in a challenging ecosystem

The last decade has profoundly changed the innovation landscape. New actors emerge and expand globally in shorter cycles, supported by more investment and lowered barriers to entry. The disruption started with social media platforms and has already expanded to other areas such as banking and insurance; all sectors now have a “Tech” acronym.

Figure 1: A digital ecosystem with a globally accelerated competition

Players are now growing to a valuation of a billion dollars in less than 2 years, creating a…



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