On Defining Quality Engineering: The Quality at Speed Manifesto

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3 min readApr 26, 2022

On Defining Quality Engineering

Software defines the speed of business changes and survival capability in the digital world and actors unable to meet the challenges and high-standard of digitalization will disappear.

The acceleration required creates tremendous pressure that traditional software approaches like Design Thinking, Agile and DevOps contribute but are not enough to be systematically applied along the software value-chain.

A systematic way of restraining our entire software lifecycle to Quality at Speed software is a must-have requirement to survive the digital transformation.

This paradigm shift of building and delivering software is Quality Engineering.


Antoine & Rémi were sharing their recent experiences and discussing the latest trends in the software industry. Quality Engineering emerged as their best choice to express the required paradigm shift for continuous valuable software delivery.

Their collaboration resulted in the ebook On Defining Quality Engineering: Thrive your business with Quality at Speed software, depicting the key elements of Quality Engineering:

  • Defining Quality Engineering in a world where only businesses mastering Quality at Speed software can thrive and succeed.
  • Shaping Quality Engineering, identifying its foundations, principles, manifesto and how it builds upon and intersects with Lean, Agile, DevOps, among others.
  • Implementing Quality Engineering, relying on the Quality Engineering framework constraining your lifecycle to Quality and Speed.

This ebook will give you a new perspective on how software can contribute to your business speed, as well as the paradigm shift you need to enable delivering Quality at Speed software.

“We found that Quality Engineering was the only way to explain and link most of the mainstream words and concepts required to survive in our today’s digital world”

— Antoine Craske, Rémi Dewitte, On Defining Quality Engineering: Thrive your business with Quality at Speed software.



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