Business Agility Requires More Than Organizational Stability

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5 min readMar 31, 2022
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Agility requires stability.

Far from the stereotype of changing our minds every day, being agile requires sticking to important decisions in multiple parts of the organization. And for sure, it’s more than implementing a few rituals within a cross-functional team.

Organizational stability is a known requirement of stability for agile teams. But the digital transformation increases the pressure to deliver Quality at Speed software, requiring to extend stability to other parts of the software value chain.

Quality Engineering is the paradigm constraining the software lifecycle to Quality and Speed on a continuous basis. This article shares the required elements of stability to combine for building a lasting business agility in your organization.

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Methods stability streamline activities

The software delivery lifecycle is a composition of multiple processes, commonly bundled inside methodologies. Their successful repetitive execution enables organizations to increase their capability to meet the high-standard.

But changing the activities involves stopping what people are doing to implement changes.The switching costs have direct impacts on the Quality at Speed team capability as they need time to reach their previous performance levels.

The stability of methods creates an environment for repeatability and scalability built upon known processes that become habits. A team sticking to sprint planning, Kanban, and systematic peer reviews with a standard development lifecycle will accelerate.

But methods alone are not enough to build valuable software with speed that depends on a complex assemblage of technologies.

Architecture stability enables flexible composition

Crafting software requires the composition of different layers of technology that are more or less easy to integrate together. This effort of integration directly impacts the time available to deliver Quality at Speed software; minimal changes are required.



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