60 Practices For Quality Engineering : Skills (Part 5)

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6 min readFeb 8, 2022

The actors are the center of Quality Engineering.

Continuous value delivery is based on the efficient collaboration of different actors along the software value-chain. The accelerated competition imposes to quickly leverage skills at the high standard to deliver Quality at Speed.

But the reality is hard. Talents are hard to attract and retain while competencies evolve fast with little time for training. And the increasing complexity pushes for more specialization when we need more transversal collaboration.

In that context, we have to carefully select the necessary skills and compose them within our organizations. As time is running, we need to balance short-term solutions and sustainable plans over the long-term for skills availability.

Quality Engineering is the paradigm constraining the software value chain to continuous value delivery. In this cover, we share the most valuable skills to successfully initiate your Quality Engineering transition.

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This guide is a work-in-progress to be adapted based on the feedback and likely to evolve within the Quality Engineering Framework, MAMOS: Methods, Architecture, Management, Organization, Skills.

Each practice has been ranked among Quality, Speed and Complexity by maximum score representing the implementation priority. This article is only an excerpt, you can access full prioritization of these practices available here.

The Skills to compose for Quality Engineering

Quality Engineering is an organizational transformation requiring a specific composition of skills to iterate fast on the software value chain. The organization capabilities have to evolve on the two facets of value delivery and software delivery.

On one hand, the cross-functional teams producing and operating the software have to develop quality skills to deliver more value. On another hand, Quality Engineering…



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