60 Practices For Quality Engineering : Organization (Part 4)

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6 min readFeb 1, 2022

Organization is about making important choices.

By drawing lines, the organizational structure defines the relative importance and resources of defined perimeters. In the end, those who get more resources also inherit more power and influence in the organization.

The actors will have a hard time performing at the high standard within a badly designed organization. The signs of such systems can vary from political wars, toxic peers and incompetent managers.

Quality Engineering is the paradigm constraining the software activities to continuous value delivery. Its organizational perspective requires a dedicated set of practices to evolve and sustain an ecosystem for Quality at Speed.

The implementation of Quality Engineering revolves around the MAMOS framework: Methods, Architecture, Management, Organization, Skills. This article focuses on the domain of Organization sharing the transition practices.

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This guide is a work-in-progress to be adapted based on the feedback. Each practice has a primary pointer without backlinks or ads. It will evolve within the construction of the Quality Engineering Framework.

Each practice has been ranked among Quality, Speed and Complexity by maximum score representing the implementation priority. This article is only an excerpt, you can access full prioritization of these practices available here.

The Organization of a Quality Engineering Ecosystem

Quality Engineering will not happen maintaining existing siloed organizations. Structuring changes are required in terms of organizational design to iterate on continuous value delivery with a minimum viable collaboration.

The first fundamental change is to remove the “Quality Assurance” acronym and all its significations in the organization. The QA must be replaced by a clear quality accountability for each department of the…



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