60 Practices For Quality Engineering : Methods (Part 1)

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10 min readDec 28, 2021

Atlassian, Gitlab, Unity deployed Quality Engineering.

These organizations are able to grow and continuously deliver value in a changing environment. While the best tech companies have different products, they commonly deploy the elements of Quality Engineering.

We cover in previous articles how Atlassian, Manomano and OpenClassrooms do Quality Engineering. This article shares the Quality Engineering framework containing the best practices of top tech companies.

In this page, each practice has a primary pointer without back-links or ads. You can complement the practice by consulting openly accessible content. The objective is to complement them later on.


This guide is a work-in-progress to be adapted based on the feedback and likely to evolve within the Quality Engineering Framework, MAMOS: Methods, Architecture, Management, Organization, Skills.

Each practice has been ranked among Quality, Speed and Complexity by maximum score representing the implementation priority. This article is only an excerpt, you can access full prioritization of these practices available here.

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The Methods of Quality Engineering Organizations

Quality Engineering materializes in a sum of small changes that over-time change the way the software is built and operated. The organizational ecosystem, its actors and culture need time to change their habits to become visible. Changing the processes is the most effective way to drive the transition to a Quality Engineering organization by changing the daily activities of the actors.

The methods of Quality Engineering have to enable the change, spread quality, and continuously improve. Hence, change management methodologies are essential in initiating, driving, and sustaining the change.

The spread of quality is achieved by implementing specific Quality Engineering processes in the teams. A model…



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