60 Practices For Quality Engineering : Management (Part 3)

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6 min readJan 20, 2022

Quality Engineering requires leaders at all levels.

Clean code requires solid convictions to defend the software craftsmanship principles. A strong roadmap and user-stories are the results of strong product managers. And in the end, these leaders form the impulsing force of Quality Engineering.

Quality Engineering is the paradigm constraining the software lifecycle to continuous value delivery. It requires a continuous animation of the actors on value creation giving sense over methods, silos, and technology.

The management of Quality Engineering is responsible for making it happen, whatever their position. Leaders of Quality Engineering are not always relying on a specific status to deliver results. They adapt to their ecosystem.

We cover in previous articles how Atlassian, Manomano and OpenClassrooms evolved to Quality Engineering. This article shares the Quality Engineering management practices focusing on driving an organizational transition.

In this page, each practice has a primary pointer without backlinks or ads. You can complement the practice by consulting openly accessible content. The objective is to complement them later on.

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This guide is a work-in-progress to be adapted based on the feedback and likely to evolve within the Quality Engineering Framework, MAMOS: Methods, Architecture, Management, Organization, Skills.

Each practice has been ranked among Quality, Speed and Complexity by maximum score representing the implementation priority. This article is only an excerpt, you can access full prioritization of these practices available here.

The Management elements to drive Quality Engineering

Ultimately, the CEO is responsible for Quality Engineering.

But in any case, a set of motivated actors are necessary to drive the transformation: their guiding coalition. This…



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